Korea Hapkido Federation USA

Choosing an Authentic Hapkido School

When choosing a Hapkido School it is important to understand how to pick an authentic, certified Hapkido program.  The KHF makes it easy to identify an authentic KHF certified instructor by issuing him a certificate of rank and a green colored rank membership card. 

It is important to know that many unscrupulous individuals have tried to duplicate these documents to make themselves look official.  If you are suspicious of an instructors credentials you can have them verified by contacting us and we will pursue the matter confidentially through the KHF Korean Headquarters who have records of every black belt issued by the KHF.

When speaking with a KHF instructor they should never be evasive about their Hapkido training, who they studied with and what Kwan or schools they are affiliated with.  Hapkidoin are proud of their training and they would want any student to know their lineage in the Hapkido world.

Additional unscrupulous individuals have tried to confuse students by utilizing the same English translated name "Korea Hapkido Federation" for their uncredited organizations.  When you see the Korean language version of the name you would see the difference.  If the Hapkido symbol is not the same as the logo on top of this page, they are not authentic KHF.  Once again this information can be verified by calling or emailing us.